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Nora NagataniEver since I was in high school, I have always been interested in health. When reading newspapers and magazines, I would always head for the “health” columns first. However, as much as I enjoyed reading the articles about health, I did not opt for a health career. Instead, I spent the next 30+ years as a college instructor and my final 10 years as a computer trainer in a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC.

Throughout my teaching career as well as motherhood, I continued to educate myself about a myriad of health-related topics from nutritional supplements to fitness. I applied what I learned and remained healthy and fit.

Then came the label, “senior.” Creaking here and there, aches and pains here and there became the norm. The feeling that my mind felt young, but my body didn’t feel so young started to creep into my mindset. Everywhere I looked, I started to see seniors who were truly “acting their age.” I’d go to amusement parks and see seniors struggling to walk or just sitting on the benches catching their breaths. They were there to enjoy the day with their families, but was this a picture of enjoyment? I was determined not to let age stop me from being healthy and fit.

Today I’m more active than ever attending classes in aerobics, line dancing, yoga, weight training, and going to the gym. I have more energy than even my children in their 30’s, thanks to my active lifestyle and taking a line of appropriate nutritional supplements.

I get excited about learning new things and for the past couple of years, I’ve been learning about and practicing a modality of energy healing called, “Cellular Response.” It brings me much joy to be able to help people get their bodies to heal itself. Recently, I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and it excites me because it is something I can share with my clients. More recently, I began studying the Yuen Method, the Emotion Code, and the Body Code.

Given that I’ve been able to truly enjoy a healthy lifestyle, my passion is to spread this joy. I watch seniors and baby boomers who should really be enjoying the prime of their life, but instead are struggling with health issues. Hence, I created the Gracefully Age Program where I serve as your accountability partner offering you support and encouragement in a multi-faceted program.

What does it mean to you to be in the prime of your life?  Is it visiting your grandchildren and being able to do things with them? Is it being able to easily go through airport security lines and travel to faraway places? Is it starting a new career? How would it really feel to live a life full of energy, vitality, and joy? Together we can work toward living your life with gusto.

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