Seniors and Baby Boomers

Do you wish you had the energy to keep up with the grandchildren?

Do your bones creak as you struggle off the couch?

Are you frustrated by the lack of fun you are having in your retirement?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let’s set up a time to talk because life should be filled with energy, vitality, and joy! You CAN feel like you’re in your twenties again … except with better judgment.

Our good intentions often do not produce good results. If like me, you need someone to help follow through on your good intentions, then I recommend Nora Nagatani and the Gracefully Age Program. As I prepared for retirement, Nora helped me clarify my immediate goals, get organized and develop a plan to feel better about myself. She is a catalyst for self-insight and offers alternative perspectives for consideration. Her encouragement helped me focus on the activities required to meet my goals and her feedback held me accountable for staying on track.

Reston, VA

Nora asked me this morning, after the conclusion of our weekly phone conference, to diligently consider why I wanted to proceed with the Gracefully Age Program commitment for the next six months (I had just completed a three month trial period with her). She was giving me a week to mull over my response; however I didn’t need a week to know why the Gracefully Age Program would benefit me. This is what I said to her:

“All my life I would begin a project or make a promise to myself and somewhere down the road I would falter and the project and or promise would be forgotten. Throughout my life the one person who was able to motivate me was my mother. I remember her telling me that while I made honorable goals, I didn’t follow through with them. My mother provided the accountability and motivation I needed to complete some of my goals. Some have still remained undone. I also remember my mother telling me that I had to get angry to even get motivated. She died fifteen years ago and with her I thought I had lost the one person who could challenge, motivate and encourage me to look deep within myself for the strength to move past my weaknesses to be the winner she always believed me to be, until I met Nora. I have really enjoyed working with her. In many ways she is much like my mother and has on occasion challenged me. As an individual who has suffered from debilitating depression, as a result of Bi-Polar Disorder, setting and fulfilling goals are an uphill battle for me. I see, with accountability, this is a much easier process and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nora these past three months and I am eagerly looking forward to working with her in the coming months. I know through her coaching and personal interest in me reaching my goals, that some wonderful things are just around the corner for me. Most importantly keeping my word to myself will no longer be a wish for me but a reality.”

I want to personally thank her for genuinely caring if I succeed. If you are considering this course for your life be prepared to be challenged and to be held accountable for what you say you will do. Be prepared to become a winner and have a more positive outlook regarding yourself and your life in general. Good luck!

Claudia B.
Alexandria, VA



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